Multiphase flow

The field of multiphase flow treats homogenous and inhomogenous composites, as well as the process of phase transformation. Physical states of the phases as well as the requirements for liquidating free surface areas are categorized.

PictureITB GmbH offers methods in the following fields:

  • Injection of finely dispersed liquids in air/exhaust with exchange from energy, mass (collision-induced breakup, evaporation, wall film formation) and an impulse for areas of application such as:
    • Fuel injection
    • Exhaust gas treatment
    • Spraying and painting of components
  • Investigating finely dispersed particles in fluids
    • Sedimentation of aerosols and liquid particles
    • Filtering of air induction systems
    • Cyclones for separation through centrifugal forces
  • Disintegration of liquid stream and drop formation (VOF)
    • Spray formation
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