In turbo-machines energy transfer takes place from a machine to a fluid (e.g. pumps, fans) or from a fluid to machines (e.g. turbines). For an efficient design/layout, knowledge of the predominate turbo-machines and thermodynamic processes is essential.
During the last several years ITB GmbH has developed various standard processes whereby the predominate processes are analyzed and evaluated based on 3D CFD simulations.
Here the area of application covers a broad spectrum, from pure rotor analyses to observing entire component groups (e.g. turbo charger) or machines (e.g. air-cooled 2-/4 stroke engines).


Our calculations enable us to determine aerodynamic characteristic values such as:

  • flow rate and distribution,
  • efficiency (or other characteristic values).


Additionally, our calculations help to answer frequently recurring questions concerning:

  • component temperatures,
  • heat quantities, heat flows

Our methods are well-established with our clients and an important element in the design process of new components or machines.
We are happy to discuss your questions and help you develop a the most efficient CAE-tool for you. As a result, your product can be evaluated and optimized in the early development phases.


Application examples:

  • Cooling air of 2-/4 stroke engines with forwards and backwards curved blade wheels
    • determine cooling air quantities
    • determining cooling air distribution
    • presentation of flow-through
    • demonstration of optimization possibilities
  • CHT ("Conjugate Heat Transfer") calculations of 2-/ 4 stroke engines with forwards and backwards curved blade wheels
  • CHT calculations of Exhaust-turbo chargers


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